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Surf Report San Diego, United States

Posted: Thursday, 16

The San Diego surf report for the next week is for small waves.

Should be some fun small waves in clean conditions for the weekend at Trestles but think small, like really small.

Posted: Thursday, 9

Saturday and Sunday are looking good for the Trestles surf report with fun sized waves and mostly light winds.

For the San Diego surf forecast into next week the winds aren't looking great but there might be some pockets of magic.

Posted: Friday, 3

The San Diego surf forecast for this weekend is for small surf up and down the State.

Into next week and there still isn't much swell around but the Trestles surf report for Tuesday morning is looking okay with waves in the 2 foot range and light winds.

Surf Report San Diego, United States

San Diego is home to around 70 miles of beach including the famous San Onofre State Beach, home to some world class breaks. Surf culture is everywhere from surf competitions to surf museums.

San Diego also has the world famous Trestles surf spot on it's northern tip.


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