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Surf Report J Bay, South Africa



The Point

The Point

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows

Posted: Sunday, 15

Waves in the 2-4 foot range for the whole week.

The winds are a bit of a mixed bag so stay tuned into the J Bay surf report for the latest but chance are Tuesday and Thursday are the times to hit the water with the cleanest winds.


Posted: Sunday, 8

Again not a ton of swell around with waves hovering around the 2 foot mark this week.

Wednesday does look to get a bit bigger with maybe some 4 foot plus sets on offer. Best bet is to stay tuned to the Wavestoked J Bay surf report to see when the swell is going to land.

Posted: Thursday, 5

Meh, still not much surf rolling into J Bay this weekend.

The winds are looking good but the waves will probably be in the 1-2 foot range.

Maybe a weekend to do some graft around the house and wait for the swell?

Into next still looking pretty small though but stay dialed to the J Bay surf report for the latest updates.

Surf Report J Bay, South Africa

Well what can you say about J Bay? Home to the mighty Supertubes surf spot!

But it's more than that, it is the soul of South African surfing. The whole town is built around surfing and surf culture. Besides the famous Supertubes that hosts the World Surf League's Billabong Pro there are plenty of other fantastic breaks. From the mellow Kitchen Window to The Point or Tubes, there are just so many great waves.

In terms of conditions the water is cold pretty much all year round and can be a bit sharky. Best swells are in winter when the cold fronts roll in from the South West.

If you want to get dialed into the best waves at Supertubes stay tuned in to the J Bay surf report on wavestoked.com!


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