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Surf Report Durban, South Africa

Posted: Thursday, 11

This weekend for the Durban surf report we have light winds until Sunday mid morning.

There is a big south swell running but most of it will miss Durban. Waves will be small around South Beach, Addington probably getting up to around 3 feet on the more Northern beaches like Bay and Snake Park.

Posted: Thursday, 4

For the Durban surf report for this weekend it will be blowing offshore for most of Saturday.

Sunday will be blowing light North East.

Swell should give us some fun sized waves, not as big as earlier in the week though.

Posted: Thursday, 28

That has to be the longest spell with no surf in a long long time.

The Durban surf report for this weekend is looking a lot better though.

The swell will have dropped but the wind is looking good for Saturday morning.

Just watch out for the high tide around 6am.

Surf Report Durban, South Africa

The city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa is home to some epic, consistent beach breaks.

The region extends from the harbour mouth to Umhlanga Rocks in the North. The Durban surf report is updated hourly. The surf is consistent year round with the best swells being in the winter months between April and July. In the summer months the water is warm and only boardshorts are required. In winter either a spring suit or 2-3mm wetsuits will be fine. The water quality is relatively good for an African city but in the rainy season from October to February, the Umgeni river will burst it's banks and the water will become brown.

All the breaks in Durban break onto sand with some interesting variations in wave size and shape due to the harbour mouth and the piers. The waves are generally around 2-3 foot but with a good swell it can go beyond 6 foot and get super hollow.


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